lauren molina
i am lauren & i like to make things. i live in los angeles.


hi tumblr
Another thing I posted to Instagram I will share here, too.
I forgot to post this to tumblr. I was working on a comic about friendship magic and stomach aches. I’ve been distracted. I have work in 30 mins. I’ll be back, tumblr.
giving thanks to the meat rose 💭👀
my phone cover today
it’s been okay, it seems like it’s getting better…i am so sick of fearing stupid things, especially myself

i made this last night

I put a sheet on the floor to protect it. Huey is protecting the sheet

I meant to post this here
*    ^  *
   |/  \|
on the airplane
when-i’m-at-work doodle sequence
i made this drawing and i used some half tone to make it
I’m trying to work on a comic but I keep getting distracted & I can’t stop watching Star Trek TNG
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