lauren molina
i am lauren & i like to make things. i live in los angeles.


really enjoying my day off
i love goo
'likes' on tumblr
and this is my friends and me together on the same night :)
mallorylucille and killersquids 
this is me about a month ago.
a cat sequence because i have two now =^. ^ =
i feel better just knowing that this doodle is cute.
i am trying. it’s never easy, i think it just gets harder 
i saw a weird baby animal (anteater?) on the zooborns blog a few days ago and i really wanted to draw this after seeing it.

so i did today :)
im gonna make something new, soon. but i’m not sure if this is it.
but i hope everybody likes belly buttons
with the great help of CopyCat LA and Bad Seed Printing i have printed my entry from last summer’s Comics Workbook Competition, Bibo :)
i will be selling these as part of the Hammer museum’s staff picks at our table during LA Art Book Fair, Jan 30th - Feb 2nd (this week!) and i am selling & shipping direct for $10 via paypal ( no shipping charges unless ordered from outside of the USA. please e-mail me if you’d like to propose a trade, too!

printed in an edition of 40 numbered copies
two-color silkscreened covers printed on stonehenge 90lb pale blue paper
digitally printed b&w pages on springhill 60lb pink paper
21.5cm x 27.5cm, folded and machine sewn with varying thread colors
here is my desktop, zoomed.
updates coming soon
plus, comics for sale - soon
and watch me post things on meatballpup
i made this lil strip of patterned paper for mallory. and then i scanned it and some doodle of a cat and i put them together in preview 
i started a second blog for opinion and reblogs and stuff.
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